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Giemsa Staining




1.      Make Microdetergent for cleaning slides

5mL concentrated microdetergent

250mL of water

2.      Soak slides in microdetergent for 1 min.

3.      Dry in a fume hood to prevent dust

4.      Drop 3 drops of blood cell suspension from 24 on to a slide at 45 angle. (see picture below) Air dry in a covered box


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5.      Mix staining solution

5mL 10mM K2HPO4

1.5mL GibcoBrl Karyomax Giemsa Stain

6. Flood slides with Giemsa staining solution and allow to sit for 20 min.

7.      Rinse by dipping slides in distilled water

8.      Dry slides and view under a bright field, oil immersion microscope


Our Results

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 Frozen Slide Technique:

1.      Prepare slides as in 1-3 above

2.      Chill slides for 20-25 minutes in 75C freezer

3.      Remove slides and immediately add 3 drops of cell suspension and blow on flat slide in one direction.